Become a Transformer - Business Bundle
Become a Transformer - Business Bundle
Become a Transformer - Business Bundle
Become a Transformer - Business Bundle

Become a Transformer - Business Bundle

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Are you ready to become a 'Transformer' and welcome in a New Dawn in Travel?

This living, dynamic collection of our most impactful programs and services have been bundled up for the tourism professional ready to fully embrace transformation design principles and practices that expand and deepen connection, meaning, and purpose.

Our society is in dire need of conscious, compassionate, and highly-skilled tourism professionals to usher in a new dawn in travel. Together, we reshape how we engage travelers and design experiences for the betterment of all.

The 'Transformer' Bundle includes ...

  • 1 Year Allyship at the Entity Level 
  • 50 x Co-Branded Journals with Custom Welcome Page
  • The World's Only Transformation Design Course
  • 1-hour Virtual Consultation MORE ...

The Journal

The Transformational Travel Journal is designed as a guide to show us how to explore the world (and our backyard) more mindfully, reflect on experiences with a more meaningful perspective, connect with others more intimately, and thereby, foster a more intentional and purpose-driven life.

As expressed by Phil Cousineau, “If we prepare our imagination as carefully as we pack our bags, then we will experience, learn, remember far more.”

The Transformation Design Course

This is a 12-week cooperatively created educational course and action tank for professionals looking to integrate and enhance their craft and their businesses with the framework of Transformation Design. There is an additional focus on networking and collaborating with industry leaders on how to grow and strengthen the movement. You'll learn practical tools and methods for expanding and deepening traveler connection, meaning, and purpose. We believe this leads to increased engagement, referrals, loyalty.


Receive a discounted annual Ally membership and start communing, cooperating, and advocating for values-driven travel with heart-centric colleagues around the world.

Allies represent a coalition of forward-looking, impact-driven travel professionals, organizations, destinations who are looking to attract, guide, and support empowered travelers. 

***This also includes a priority invitation to our Annual Gathering if the course is completed in full!




The TTC is a collective of global tourism stakeholders who refuse to skirt the challenging issues. Instead, we throw our boundless enthusiasm and well-researched knowledge at them, determined to find a resolution. We stand for the betterment of lives and livelihoods through mindful tourism and regenerative practices.